"Pull internal and external data and make it available timely and situation-aware via mobile and desktop apps"
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Fusepool SME

Data is an integral element of the business value chain. However, many barriers impede leveraging the full potential of that data across existing data silos.

Fusepool crosses borders to provide data for better product/ service development and research:
These applications run on an open-source cloud platform for end users.

Fusepool P3

To make publishing and processing of linked data easy, Fusepool P3 develops a set of integrated software components based on open-source Linked Data Platform best practices.

The integrated components support the multilingual data value chain:
  • Reveal data: identify data sources for promoting your business
  • Refine data: extract and transform data to make data actionable
  • Reuse data: enrich data through interlinking and reasoning,
  • Run data (apps): deliver data for many use cases and devices
These components run on an open-source data platform with various enterprise-grade storage solutions.

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